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It's a new day in NEw Hanover  County


Who Are We

Meet Matt Rhodes 

I'm a lifelong New Hanover County resident with an extensive family history of law enforcement and military service After attending Cape Fear Academy, I attended UNCW and Mount Olive College, where I received my degree in criminal justice administration. I have had a long career as a business owner and a concealed carry instructor. My personal safety business has brought to light many law enforcement issues that are affecting our county. I constantly have people come to me afraid because of the increased crime in this area. I was a member of the New Hanover County Juvenile Crime Prevention Board and I am a sitting board member at the New Hanover County Law Enforcement Officers Association. I am married and have two children. 

What made me want to run for sheriff? It was very clear to me that the present administration the current sheriff wasn't doing what needed to be done to make this area safe. Despite him having so much experience he is not leading and that is what I plan to do. 

My issues are to stop the drug trafficking and all that goes with it I plan to make the school system safe by getting the gangs out of the schools. The children can't learn when they are terrified. I also plan to background teachers and all staff who work within the school system.   There will be no more sexual assault in the schools. 

I believe that civil rights are being infringed upon in New Hanover County and this violates the constitution.  

No mask or vaccine mandates. 

I will not enforce red flag laws but support the rights of law-abiding citizens to have a firearm for personal protection. 


Stay tuned for more information, it's going to be a new day in New Hanover County. 

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